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How to Write a Narrative Poem

Power Poetry June 1st, 2014 One of the oldest poetic forms in the world could be the perfect way to tell a very modern story -- yours.

5 Poems About Loss

Power Poetry June 1st, 2014 Writing the book "took me outside of my grief for a moment. It has become something that I feel like we did together. And there's consolation in that."

Weekly Roundup: "FTC Report Misses Central Issue"

CQ Researcher blog February 8th, 2011 Two writers from the always intriguing tackle the unanswered — and often unasked — big question of the financial-market crash: Why on earth was there such apparently high demand for bad mortgages packaged as investments?

Weekly Roundup: "What IBM's Jeopardy Machine Can Teach Us: Humility"

CQ Researcher blog January 25th, 2011 An IBM computer that's set to challenge Jeopardy super-champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter next month doesn't "think" the same way humans do. Rather than memorizing facts, the machine is programmed to treat every individual statement it's been fed as merely provisional -- not set in stone -- and to scan its memory for all related information before it states the answer that's most statistically probable, based on all the connections its memory contains.

Going Deep on the Longings Behind the Social Net

CQ Researcher blog September 20th, 2010 In my favorite part of McCarter's meditation cum movie review, he ties the Facebook phenomenon to the existential loneliness so often described by iconic American artists from Hank Williams to Edward Hopper and Bessie Smith.

He Reads Psychology Research So You Don't Have To

CQ Researcher blog September 15th, 2010 With my CQ Researcher issue on online “Social Networking” just published and my current project, on animal cognition, under way, I've been wading through quite a few psychology papers lately.

Finally, a name for my illness

CQR Blog October 21st, 2009 Nothing but a real disease could explain the sore throats, extreme chills, itchy patches of super-dry skin and memory and concentration difficulties that I periodically experienced along with intense tiredness and sleeplessness.

Memories of Covering Sen. Edward M. Kennedy

CQR Blog August 26th, 2009 His long career in the Senate... was marked by an unrelenting focus on, someday, somehow, ensuring that all Americans would have reliable, affordable health insurance.

What the Athletes Told Me

CQ Researcher blog May 21st, 2009 “While an adrenaline rush is part of it, you can have an adrenaline rush having sex in your own bedroom. What 'Type Ts' really thrive on is challenges, and they often believe they can control their own fate.”