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Category: Economics and finance

Apparel Company Cut From a Different Cloth

Business Researcher March 1st, 2015

Crisis Landscape Differs for B2B Businesses

Business Researcher February 9th, 2015

Caring for the Poorest and Sickest

CQ Press September 21st, 2012

Rural Areas Find Barriers to Job Creation

CQ Press March 2nd, 2012

Student Debt

CQ Press October 21st, 2011 In Australia and New Zealand, student borrowers are automatically enrolled in plans that are administered through the tax system and base repayment amounts on students' post-graduate incomes.

Income Inequality

CQ Press December 3rd, 2010 "There's nothing anti-capitalist about saying that the sharp edges of capitalism should be softened by government."

Financial Industry Overhaul

CQ Press July 30th, 2010 "That's the same thing as money laundering. It takes something dirty and makes it clean."

Taxes vs. Cap and Trade: Which Works Best

CQ Press July 24th, 2009

Solving the Infrastructure-Maintenance Dilemma

CQ Press February 20th, 2009

The National Debt

CQ Press November 14th, 2008 "If you tried to think of the most expensive way to provide the sandbags, you probably couldn't even imagine that one."

Using Credit Cards Wisely Isn't Easy

CQ Press October 10th, 2008

All Plastic Is Not Created Equal

CQ Press October 10th, 2008

Global Food Crisis

CQ Press July 3rd, 2008 "I worry that with biofuels, the food market will end up looking like the worldwide pharmaceutical market. The rich will get theirs, and the poor will die."

Global Food Crisis

CQ Researcher June 27th, 2008 "There's still plenty of food for everyone, but only if everyone eats a grain and legume-based diet."

Mortgage Crisis

CQ Press November 2nd, 2007 "The average home in California costs $500,000. You can't afford that home."

Caring for the Elderly

CQ Press October 13th, 2006 "We're discriminating in favor of the diseases people might have prevented themselves."

Analysts Want to Buy Value, But Public May Not Be Ready

Medicine & Health December 13th, 2004

Doc-Owned Specialty Hospitals Have Clinical Pros and Cons

Medicine & Health October 4th, 2004

Payment, the Uninsured Loom Large in Specialty Hospital Debate

Medicine & Health September 27th, 2004

Specialty Hospital Fight to Return With Vengeance in 2005

Medicine & Health September 20th, 2004

Medicine & Health

Health Care Information Center June 28th, 2004

Employers Seek Many-Fold Path to Medicare Drug Subsidies

Medicine & Health June 14th, 2004

GOP: Consumerism Must Work or Single Payer's On the Way

Medicine & Health March 15th, 2004

Thomas Takes Aim Again at Tax-Favored Employer Coverage

Medicine & Health February 16th, 2004

Views Differ on Employer Response to Rx Bill

Medicine & Health October 27th, 2003

Hospital Finances Still a Guessing Game for Analysts

Medicine & Health October 6th, 2003

Supply, Prices -- Not Quality -- Push Spending Skyward

Medicine & Health June 23rd, 2003

Rural Care Not on Life Support, But PPS Changes Needed

Medicine & Health June 18th, 2001

Big-Picture Thinking Needed: Financing Medicare for the Long Haul

Medicine & Health October 30th, 2000

Caring for the Underserved: It's a Tough Job and Nobody Has to Do It

Medicine & Health August 7th, 2000