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March 17th, 2017

Medicine & Health

Health Care Information Center April 11th, 2005 "I've seen nurses be much more willing" to adapt to the demands of the e-world. "I hope the nurses will help physicians along."

For AMA, Medicare Chief Inserts Some Pills in Sugar

Medicine & Health March 15th, 2005

Pay for Performance

Medicine & Health February 15th, 2005

Payment, the Uninsured Loom Large in Specialty Hospital Debate

Medicine & Health September 27th, 2004

Medicine & Health

Health Care Information Center June 28th, 2004

GOP: Consumerism Must Work or Single Payer's On the Way

Medicine & Health March 15th, 2004

Thomas Takes Aim Again at Tax-Favored Employer Coverage

Medicine & Health February 16th, 2004

How Far Is It From E-Record Vision to Reality?

Medicine & Health November 10th, 2003

Insurers Gear Up to Fight National Health Insurance

Medicine & Health September 15th, 2003 Survey respondents gave "national health insurance" 57 fat points on McInturff's polling "thermometer" -- which measures the extent to which a word gives listeners warm, fuzzy feelings. "Government-run health care" registered a chilly 41.

Medicine & Health

Health Care Information Center November 11th, 2002

Beyond Sticks and Carrots: Why Error Bills Can't Do It All

Medicine & Health October 11th, 2002

Welcome to Dodge, Dubya

Medicine & Health January 15th, 2001

It's Lonely in the Middle of the Road: Big Story Is Compromises Not Agreed To

Medicine & Health January 1st, 2001

Will Genome Science Shift Clinical, Insurance Paradigms?

Medicine & Health September 26th, 2000

The Ups and Downs of Chairmanship

Medicine & Health September 25th, 2000