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In Argentina, Francis Navigated Rough Political Waters

CQ Press June 7th, 2013

Assessing the New Health Care Law

CQ Press September 21st, 2012 "There are lots of ways in which states can actually save money on the expansion."

Privatizing the Military

CQ Press July 13th, 2012 "If a contractor shoots someone, he may be out of the country by nightfall."

Setting Standards for Security Contractors

CQ Press July 13th, 2012

Internet Regulation

CQ Press April 13th, 2012 "I don't pay Comcast for making Netflix inferior to [Comcast's] pay-per-view."

U.S.-Pakistan Relations

CQ Press August 11th, 2011 "I wish Pakistan told the United States 'No' more often," because it would be better "to promise less but deliver better."

Income Inequality

CQ Press December 3rd, 2010 "There's nothing anti-capitalist about saying that the sharp edges of capitalism should be softened by government."

Financial Industry Overhaul

CQ Press July 30th, 2010 "That's the same thing as money laundering. It takes something dirty and makes it clean."

Women in the Military

CQ Press November 13th, 2009 "Research shows that there's a much lower incidence [of sexual assault] in non-combat zones, and higher rates in combat areas."

Memories of Covering Sen. Edward M. Kennedy

CQR Blog August 26th, 2009 His long career in the Senate... was marked by an unrelenting focus on, someday, somehow, ensuring that all Americans would have reliable, affordable health insurance.

Taxes vs. Cap and Trade: Which Works Best

CQ Press July 24th, 2009

The National Debt

CQ Press November 14th, 2008 "If you tried to think of the most expensive way to provide the sandbags, you probably couldn't even imagine that one."

Global Food Crisis

CQ Press July 3rd, 2008 "I worry that with biofuels, the food market will end up looking like the worldwide pharmaceutical market. The rich will get theirs, and the poor will die."

Mortgage Crisis

CQ Press November 2nd, 2007 "The average home in California costs $500,000. You can't afford that home."

Stem Cell Research

CQ Press September 1st, 2006 "I would rather save lives and not worry about angels on the head of a pin."

Climate Change

CQ Press January 27th, 2006 "I got into this in 1970, and there were 10 papers worth reading. Now there are 1,000."

Medicine & Health

Health Care Information Center April 11th, 2005 "I've seen nurses be much more willing" to adapt to the demands of the e-world. "I hope the nurses will help physicians along."

For AMA, Medicare Chief Inserts Some Pills in Sugar

Medicine & Health March 15th, 2005

Payment, the Uninsured Loom Large in Specialty Hospital Debate

Medicine & Health September 27th, 2004

Medicine & Health

Health Care Information Center June 28th, 2004

GOP: Consumerism Must Work or Single Payer's On the Way

Medicine & Health March 15th, 2004

Thomas Takes Aim Again at Tax-Favored Employer Coverage

Medicine & Health February 16th, 2004

Insurers Gear Up to Fight National Health Insurance

Medicine & Health September 15th, 2003 Survey respondents gave "national health insurance" 57 fat points on McInturff's polling "thermometer" -- which measures the extent to which a word gives listeners warm, fuzzy feelings. "Government-run health care" registered a chilly 41.

Medicine & Health

Health Care Information Center November 11th, 2002

Welcome to Dodge, Dubya

Medicine & Health January 15th, 2001

It's Lonely in the Middle of the Road: Big Story Is Compromises Not Agreed To

Medicine & Health January 1st, 2001

The Ups and Downs of Chairmanship

Medicine & Health September 25th, 2000

Pain Act: For Foes and Supporters a Matter of, FIrst, Do No Harm

Medicine & Health May 8th, 2000

(Woman)Power Politics

National Business Woman April 15th, 1996

Affirmative Action Gets Glamorous

National Business Woman April 15th, 1996

Toughest Federal Science Jobs Elude Women

The Scientist October 15th, 1990 "The system's not ready for a black female manager."