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Planet Studies Give Earthlings a Cosmic Perspective

CQ Press June 20th, 2014

SETI Scientists Scan the Universe

CQ Press June 20th, 2014

Traumatic Brain Injury

CQ Press June 1st, 2012 "It's pretty clear that if a brain-injured person gets a psychiatric illness, the symptom pattern is magnified."

Brain Trauma Often Unfolds in Stages

CQ Press June 1st, 2012

Researchers Explore Frontiers of Brain Injury

CQ Press June 1st, 2012

Want a Better Memory?

CQ Press February 12th, 2010

Brush Your Teeth in the Dark

CQ Press February 12th, 2010

The Deadly Impact of Chronic Sleep Deprivation

CQ Press February 12th, 2010

How to Avoid Problems With Medications

CQ Press October 9th, 2009

Fickle Finger of Fate Can Make Painkillers Addictive

CQ Press October 9th, 2009

Doctors Faulted for Prescribing Addictive Painkillers

CQ Press October 8th, 2009

Treating Depression

CQ Press June 26th, 2009 "In a pluralistic society, you want to have an acceptance of a broad range of things as normal."

Reproductive Ethics

CQ Press May 15th, 2009 "So much of your life feels out of control when you want a child but find that you can't have one."

How to Safeguard Your Health

CQ Press September 12th, 2008

Many Heart Disease Risk Factors Are Controllable

CQ Press September 12th, 2008

Tips on Holding Onto Your Memory

CQ Press April 4th, 2008

Errors Provide Clues to Memory's Mysteries

CQ Press April 4th, 2008

Understanding of Dyslexia Is Emerging

CQ Press February 22nd, 2008

Combating Addiction

CQ Press February 9th, 2007 "I look like the Campbell's Soup girl, and I shot heroin when I was 16."

Climate Change

CQ Press January 27th, 2006 "I got into this in 1970, and there were 10 papers worth reading. Now there are 1,000."

Intelligent Design

CQ Press July 29th, 2005 "I'm waiting for the day when the hearings...involve subpoenas in which evolutionists are deposed at length on their views. On that happy day, I can assure you that they won't come off looking well."

Tech Coverage: "Show Me the Money" vs. "Show Me the Value"

Medicine & Health November 1st, 2004

Will Genome Science Shift Clinical, Insurance Paradigms?

Medicine & Health September 26th, 2000

Your Two Different Pairs of Eyes

Cricket January 1st, 1996

Teaching Notes : Crystals

Science Weekly February 1st, 1995


Science Weekly February 1st, 1995

Biomedical Opportunities Seen As Rare Bright Spot on Chemistry Job Horizon

The Scientist August 23rd, 1993 "A large number of positions available are not advertised to job seekers."

Broadening Applicability Fosters Growth in Microbiology's Current Job Market

The Scientist May 17th, 1993 "Microbes evolve fast enough so new problems will always be there."

As Challenges Mount for Academic Research, More Scientists Take Administrative Positions

The Scientist November 9th, 1992 "Scientific research is a much more difficult managerial problem than it was eight to nine years ago. You can't just have the janitor over to fix things anymore."

Environmental Science Job Prospects Healthier Than in Other Disciplines

The Scientist April 19th, 1992 "We're on our hands and knees getting our fingernails dirty. We have insect questions, not general forest questions like, 'What are the fractal dimensions of forest fragments?'"

Mathematicians: Real-World Applications Are Key to Increasing the Field's Appeal

The Scientist March 16th, 1992 "We need to ask ourselves, 'If we're so valuable, why are we hired in such small numbers?"

Clinical Researchers Adapting to Mandate for More Diversity in Study Populations

The Scientist September 16th, 1991 "She said, 'Don't just hire white people from the suburbs to work for you.'"

The Sticky Business of Noncaloric Sugars

The Scientist August 19th, 1991 NASA "said the experiment was going fine. But when it went to Mars they couldn't have a sanitary engineer with just a master's degree talking about it. They wanted me to accept another scientist as principal investigator. But I said, 'The hell I will.'"

Brookhaven's Schwartz: "An Artist of Physics"

The Scientist July 8th, 1991 "There was a light socket, and I thought I'd try putting the current through the scissors."

Do You See What I See?

The Friend July 1st, 1991 "Your eyes are quicker than human eyes, which would see her many movements as a blur. Your bee eyes would see a movie as a series of still pictures."

Physicists Play a Hands-On Role in Super Facilities Construction

The Scientist May 27th, 1991 "You have to be the manager, you have to be an accountant, you have to sweep the floor."

Minority Scientists Broaden Efforts to Fight Environmental Woes of Poor

The Scientist April 29th, 1991

Success of National Labs' Teacher Training in Question

The Scientist February 18th, 1991 "What would you say to one of your teachers if you walked into a classroom that sounded like this?"

Toughest Federal Science Jobs Elude Women

The Scientist October 15th, 1990 "The system's not ready for a black female manager."