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Big Data

Business Researcher February 9th, 2015

Q&A: Davis on Using Big Data

Business Researcher February 9th, 2015

Big Data

SAGE February 9th, 2015 “In general, math skills are not what got people ahead in business.”

Social Media Explosion

CQ Press January 25th, 2013 "Many kids say they prefer not to talk face to face."

Social Media Becoming a Worrisome Distraction

CQ Press January 25th, 2013

Internet Regulation

CQ Press April 13th, 2012 "I don't pay Comcast for making Netflix inferior to [Comcast's] pay-per-view."

Digital Education

CQ Press December 2nd, 2011 "If you watch a bunch of boys play 'Oregon Trail,' they spend all their time shooting deer."

Big Hurdles Confront Learning-technology Developers

CQ Press December 2nd, 2011

Teens Need Guidance to Avoid Cyberbullying

CQ Press September 17th, 2010

How to Evaluate Blogs and Online Information Sources

CQ Press August 1st, 2008 Many people mistakenly believe that an "org" suffix stands for something lke "nonprofit organization," but in fact anyone can register an "org" domain.

Internet Lures More Men Into Sex Trade

CQ Press May 23rd, 2008

Learning Online Literacy

CQ Press February 22nd, 2008

Cyber Socializing

CQ Press July 28th, 2006 "You're only as safe as your friends are."

Medicine & Health

Health Care Information Center April 11th, 2005 "I've seen nurses be much more willing" to adapt to the demands of the e-world. "I hope the nurses will help physicians along."

How Far Is It From E-Record Vision to Reality?

Medicine & Health November 10th, 2003

Step One -- Make It Fun?

National Business Woman April 15th, 1996