Marcia Clemmitt

How to transform your writing staff into a lead-generating, sales-driving powerhouse

White Paper - August 30, 2020

Executive Summary

Ever feel you have too much to juggle? Marketing execs have never felt more stress.

While you grapple with new media like chatbots and TikTok, you must still create traditional marketing materials like case studies and emails.

From web analytics to automated customer surveys, new tech tools pop up daily. Many are game changers. Still, having more tools to master eats up time and attention.

And the variety of tools and media creates another, tougher problem.

Your department’s goal has always been clear, to you and your CEO: attract leads who’ll boost company revenue by becoming customers, then fans. But with more levers to push, how do you choose the one with highest impact? Arming your writers with new tools to connect with, persuade and move an audience can create measurable results for your business.