Marcia Clemmitt


As a marketer in a health field, your responsibilities are heavy – and go far beyond selling.

You educate patients about delicate medical issues. You must win trust for your business not just from consumers but from regulators and even lawmakers.

While other marketers easily followed customers onto social media, your adoption of new marketing channels requires tiptoeing through the minefield of patient-privacy law and other regulations.

And the list goes on.

So…when you need writing help, wouldn’t it be great to find a skilled freelancer who knows exactly where you’re coming from?

Hi, I’m Marcia. A health geek who honed my geekdom as a journalist.

In 30 years of reporting, I’ve covered virtually all aspects of healthcare and medicine. I’ve written thousands of health stories and spent nearly nine years writing and editing a daily and weekly health-policy newsletter.

I’ve reported on hundreds of financial, legal, regulatory, scientific, technological and insurance issues…as well as on many health matters of deep personal concern to patients.

Now I use that background to translate your complex business into compelling copy and content.


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"Marcia’s a cut above the rest because of how professional she is in doing that deep background research that makes the difference between copy that works and copy that doesn't. The research she did is a valuable asset we’ll have in the company for years to come.

"And once we saw her video sales letter script, we were blown away. It incorporated great stories…had great flow. If you’re looking for someone to produce high-value work for you, Marcia’s a great person to have a conversation with."

--Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, founder, Fit Father Project; Fit Mother Project

"I faxed your foreword to my editors. My "fairy god-editor" called and said, "Holy Sh--, this is terrific. It says it all!" And she never uses language like that. Thank you for taking the time, thought, and effort -- and thorough understanding of the message -- to create this. You're awesome."

--Pam Gilberd, author, The Eleven Commandments of Highly Successful Women

"In my 20 years of covering health policy on a daily basis in Washington, I've met no one who matches Marcia's combination of clear writing and passion for deeply researching a topic."

--John Reichard, founder, CQ Healthbeat; Executive Editor, Medicine & Health

"Marcia, everyone is simply on Cloud 9 about your memory piece! Would it be okay for us to send a copy to the members of the Congressional Bipartisan Task Force on Alzheimer’s Disease? We think this is just the sort of comprehensive information they all should have."

--Toni Williams, senior associate director of public relations, Alzheimer’s Association; Vice President, public health, Burness

"Sloppy, ideologically biased reporting on the long-term care issue is endemic in the media. A welcome exception follows: CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY NAILS THE LTC ISSUE. We're very pleased to point you today to an excellent, 23-page report titled "Caring for the Elderly." It was written by Marcia Clemmitt. By all means, get a copy of this excellent article."

--Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform, Seattle, Washington

"Ever wondered what explains the often misguided health policies by our government? Well, it is beyond our humble brains to capture what may be going on but we now see that lack of access to quality information is certainly not the main problem.

"We are really impressed by the 24-page special issue Preventing Memory Loss by Marcia Clemmitt. The publication is worth the price for anyone active professionally in the healthcare sector, or interested in learning about latest research and policy trends, from academics to students."

--Alvaro Fernandez, CEO and founder,

"Wow – very comprehensive and well written. Congratulations on an excellent story."

--Dr. Bill Schaffner, Professor, preventive medicine, public policy, infectious diseases, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

"I’ve at last had a chance to read your report. It is terrific! Obama’s State of the Union mentioned how we have to invest in science and so we need reports like this on various scientific issues to educate the legislators and their staff."

--Anindya Dutta, Professor and Chair, biochemistry, molecular genetics, University of Virginia School of Medicine

"I had no idea that the scope of your article was so ambitious until I read it. You've covered all the major bases (this almost never happens in one piece, especially one this size), This is a very useful addition to the literature about this often neglected field.

"You've consulted with many of the best people in the field, and you've laid out the issues succinctly and, I think, in a very balanced way. Congratulations."

--Len Fishman, Director, Gerontology Institute, University of Massachusetts Boston

"I just wanted to let you know that I think this is the finest piece of work by a journalist on this topic that I have ever seen. I don't think this was an easy topic to gain a rounded view of - but you have done it. Well done."

--Clive Wynne, Professor, psychology, Arizona State University

"Thanks for this excellent article. You cover many aspects of the ART reality with insight and objectivity."

--Ronald M. Green, Professor, family and community medicine, Dartmouth Medical School

"My longtime colleague Marcia Clemmitt has asked me to pen a “couple of sentences saying that I’m an okay writer who doesn’t screw up deadlines or whatever.” More than glad to. Marcia is so good, so dependable, that, as an editor, I just about would weep with gratitude every time she came up in the assignment rotation. She’s a joy to work with, and yes, she NEVER misses a deadline. Funny too.

"Marcia wrote long-form, in-depth reports on a wide range of subjects for me at CQ Researcher, but mainly science, social policy, economics and technology. These 13,000-word reports are fact-checked and footnoted and have to be readable for college students but comprehensive and substantive enough to inform academics and other experts in specific fields.

"Marcia has a great talent for clear, concise, accurate writing and a polymath’s ability to get her arms around any subject, giving an editor confidence that she has mastered the field and doesn’t miss anything. The term consummate professional, overused as it often is, nonetheless is the only way to describe Marcia."

--Thomas J. Colin, former Editor and now Consulting Editor, CQ Researcher

"Marcia Clemmitt is among the most creative, versatile, discerning and dependable journalists with whom I’ve worked. Marcia works hard, digs deeply and consistently produces work of distinction and originality.

"She writes masterfully on a wide range of subjects, from science, health care and technology to religion, social policy, business and education, and the result is always first rate -- insightful, thorough, accessible, and accurate."

--Tom Billitteri, Managing Editor, CQ Researcher

"I had always hoped that there was a Congressional Quarterly Researcher on hackers and hacking. Well now there is one and I have to say, they have done a fantastic job.

"The author, Marcia Clemmitt, covered open source, transgressive hacking, Anonymous, and cybersecurity among many other issues. Out of all the recent publicly oriented publications on hackers and hacking, this is the one that is the most in-depth but accessible."

--Gabriella Coleman, McGill University Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy; author, Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking