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Sample Web Sales Page

March 17th, 2017

Sample Small Business Newsletter

March 17th, 2017

Apparel Company Cut From a Different Cloth

Business Researcher March 1st, 2015

Q&A: What Makes a Good Crisis Manager?

Business Researcher February 9th, 2015

Q&A: Davis on Using Big Data

Business Researcher February 9th, 2015

Big Data

SAGE February 9th, 2015 “In general, math skills are not what got people ahead in business.”

Big Data

Business Researcher February 9th, 2015

Crisis Landscape Differs for B2B Businesses

Business Researcher February 9th, 2015

Big-picture Thinking Needed to Navigate Crisis, Experts Say

Business Researcher February 9th, 2015

Fixing Urban Schools

CQ Press June 29th, 2014 "Imagine a teacher's dilemma in a classroom where the population is different every day."

Planet Studies Give Earthlings a Cosmic Perspective

CQ Press June 20th, 2014

SETI Scientists Scan the Universe

CQ Press June 20th, 2014

How to Write a Narrative Poem

Power Poetry June 1st, 2014 One of the oldest poetic forms in the world could be the perfect way to tell a very modern story -- yours.

Home Schooling

CQ Press March 7th, 2014 “The middle son didn't really start reading until sixth grade, but as an eighth-grader he read parts of Plato's Republic and understood it."

Why Study Humanities?

CQ Press December 6th, 2013

Homeless Students

CQ Press April 5th, 2013 "Homelessness drops sharply when children turn 5 or 6 because they can go into the subsidized child care called 'public schools.'"

Social Media Explosion

CQ Press January 25th, 2013 "Many kids say they prefer not to talk face to face."

Social Media Becoming a Worrisome Distraction

CQ Press January 25th, 2013

Path to Better Eating Strewn With Traps

CQ Press November 30th, 2012

Assessing the New Health Care Law

CQ Press September 21st, 2012 "There are lots of ways in which states can actually save money on the expansion."

Caring for the Poorest and Sickest

CQ Press September 21st, 2012

Treating ADHD

CQ Press August 3rd, 2012 "These children are often socially rejected by their peers, sometimes within five minutes."

Non-drug Therapies May Help With ADHD

CQ Press August 3rd, 2012

Privatizing the Military

CQ Press July 13th, 2012 "If a contractor shoots someone, he may be out of the country by nightfall."

Setting Standards for Security Contractors

CQ Press July 13th, 2012

Traumatic Brain Injury

CQ Press June 1st, 2012 "It's pretty clear that if a brain-injured person gets a psychiatric illness, the symptom pattern is magnified."

Are TBIs Being Diagnosed Accurately?

CQ Press June 1st, 2012

Brain Trauma Often Unfolds in Stages

CQ Press June 1st, 2012

Researchers Explore Frontiers of Brain Injury

CQ Press June 1st, 2012

Internet Regulation

CQ Press April 13th, 2012 "I don't pay Comcast for making Netflix inferior to [Comcast's] pay-per-view."

Entertainment Industry Seeks New Business Plan

CQ Press April 13th, 2012

Rural Areas Find Barriers to Job Creation

CQ Press March 2nd, 2012

Volunteer Programs Lacking for Low-income Kids

CQ Press January 27th, 2012

Youth Volunteerism

CQ Press January 27th, 2012 "They don't know in advance that they're going to love doing these things. But once they do it, they volunteer to do it again."

Digital Education

CQ Press December 2nd, 2011 "If you watch a bunch of boys play 'Oregon Trail,' they spend all their time shooting deer."

Big Hurdles Confront Learning-technology Developers

CQ Press December 2nd, 2011

Student Debt

CQ Press October 21st, 2011 In Australia and New Zealand, student borrowers are automatically enrolled in plans that are administered through the tax system and base repayment amounts on students' post-graduate incomes.

U.S.-Pakistan Relations

CQ Press August 11th, 2011 "I wish Pakistan told the United States 'No' more often," because it would be better "to promise less but deliver better."

Income Inequality

CQ Press December 3rd, 2010 "There's nothing anti-capitalist about saying that the sharp edges of capitalism should be softened by government."

Teens Need Guidance to Avoid Cyberbullying

CQ Press September 17th, 2010

Financial Industry Overhaul

CQ Press July 30th, 2010 "That's the same thing as money laundering. It takes something dirty and makes it clean."

Parental Involvement Can Make a Difference

CQ Press March 26th, 2010

Teen Pregnancy

CQ Press March 26th, 2010 "It's not like people in their teens didn't have sex all along. But they got married. And then, in the '60s, they started to not get married."

Want a Better Memory?

CQ Press February 12th, 2010

Brush Your Teeth in the Dark

CQ Press February 12th, 2010

The Deadly Impact of Chronic Sleep Deprivation

CQ Press February 12th, 2010

Animal Rights

CQ Press January 8th, 2010 "I teach a course every year on ethics of animal rights. Twenty years ago that would have been unheard of."

Women in the Military

CQ Press November 13th, 2009 "Research shows that there's a much lower incidence [of sexual assault] in non-combat zones, and higher rates in combat areas."

Finally, a name for my illness

CQR Blog October 21st, 2009 Nothing but a real disease could explain the sore throats, extreme chills, itchy patches of super-dry skin and memory and concentration difficulties that I periodically experienced along with intense tiredness and sleeplessness.

Fickle Finger of Fate Can Make Painkillers Addictive

CQ Press October 9th, 2009

How to Avoid Problems With Medications

CQ Press October 9th, 2009

Doctors Faulted for Prescribing Addictive Painkillers

CQ Press October 8th, 2009

Memories of Covering Sen. Edward M. Kennedy

CQR Blog August 26th, 2009 His long career in the Senate... was marked by an unrelenting focus on, someday, somehow, ensuring that all Americans would have reliable, affordable health insurance.

Taxes vs. Cap and Trade: Which Works Best

CQ Press July 24th, 2009

Treating Depression

CQ Press June 26th, 2009 "In a pluralistic society, you want to have an acceptance of a broad range of things as normal."

What the Athletes Told Me

CQ Researcher blog May 21st, 2009 “While an adrenaline rush is part of it, you can have an adrenaline rush having sex in your own bedroom. What 'Type Ts' really thrive on is challenges, and they often believe they can control their own fate.”

Reproductive Ethics

CQ Press May 15th, 2009 "So much of your life feels out of control when you want a child but find that you can't have one."

Are Extreme Sports More Dangerous than Other Sports?

CQ Press April 3rd, 2009

Action Sports Versus the Environment

CQ Press April 3rd, 2009

Extreme Sports

CQ Researcher blog April 3rd, 2009 “If you see a kid going down the street, you may think he’s a thuggy jerk, but if he’s jumping on and off the curbs on a skateboard, making it look smooth, then that kid has a tremendous work ethic. That kid is practicing an art form, and has an interest in doing something right.”

Solving the Infrastructure-Maintenance Dilemma

CQ Press February 20th, 2009

The National Debt

CQ Press November 14th, 2008 "If you tried to think of the most expensive way to provide the sandbags, you probably couldn't even imagine that one."

Using Credit Cards Wisely Isn't Easy

CQ Press October 10th, 2008

All Plastic Is Not Created Equal

CQ Press October 10th, 2008

How to Safeguard Your Health

CQ Press September 12th, 2008

Handling Heart Emergencies

CQ Press September 12th, 2008

Many Heart Disease Risk Factors Are Controllable

CQ Press September 12th, 2008

How to Evaluate Blogs and Online Information Sources

CQ Press August 1st, 2008 Many people mistakenly believe that an "org" suffix stands for something lke "nonprofit organization," but in fact anyone can register an "org" domain.

Global Food Crisis

CQ Press July 3rd, 2008 "I worry that with biofuels, the food market will end up looking like the worldwide pharmaceutical market. The rich will get theirs, and the poor will die."

Global Food Crisis

CQ Researcher June 27th, 2008 "There's still plenty of food for everyone, but only if everyone eats a grain and legume-based diet."

Prostitutes' Stories Reflect Larger Society

CQ Press May 23rd, 2008

Internet Lures More Men Into Sex Trade

CQ Press May 23rd, 2008

Who Buys Sex?

CQ Press May 23rd, 2008

Tips on Holding Onto Your Memory

CQ Press April 4th, 2008

Errors Provide Clues to Memory's Mysteries

CQ Press April 4th, 2008

Understanding of Dyslexia Is Emerging

CQ Press February 22nd, 2008

Turning Non-readers Into Readers

CQ Press February 22nd, 2008

Learning Online Literacy

CQ Press February 22nd, 2008

Mortgage Crisis

CQ Press November 2nd, 2007 "The average home in California costs $500,000. You can't afford that home."

Students Under Stress

CQ Researcher July 13th, 2007 "When Nancy Kalish's daughter was in seventh grade, she suddenly began saying, 'I hate school,' recalls Kalish, a journalist in New York City. 'She started saying it every single day.'"

Fixing Urban Schools

CQ Press April 7th, 2007

Combating Addiction

CQ Press February 9th, 2007 "I look like the Campbell's Soup girl, and I shot heroin when I was 16."

Prison Health Care

CQ Press January 5th, 2007 "The average male in the New York prison system has 12 or 13 bad teeth, and the average woman two or three more. Most have never seen a dentist."

Caring for the Elderly

CQ Press October 13th, 2006 "We're discriminating in favor of the diseases people might have prevented themselves."

Stem Cell Research

CQ Press September 1st, 2006 "I would rather save lives and not worry about angels on the head of a pin."

Cyber Socializing

CQ Press July 28th, 2006 "You're only as safe as your friends are."

Climate Change

CQ Press January 27th, 2006 "I got into this in 1970, and there were 10 papers worth reading. Now there are 1,000."

Intelligent Design

CQ Press July 29th, 2005 "I'm waiting for the day when the hearings...involve subpoenas in which evolutionists are deposed at length on their views. On that happy day, I can assure you that they won't come off looking well."

Medicine & Health

Health Care Information Center April 11th, 2005 "I've seen nurses be much more willing" to adapt to the demands of the e-world. "I hope the nurses will help physicians along."

For AMA, Medicare Chief Inserts Some Pills in Sugar

Medicine & Health March 15th, 2005

Pay for Performance

Medicine & Health February 15th, 2005

Analysts Want to Buy Value, But Public May Not Be Ready

Medicine & Health December 13th, 2004

Five Years After Medical-Error Report, Progress Is Hard to See

Medicine & Health November 8th, 2004

Tech Coverage: "Show Me the Money" vs. "Show Me the Value"

Medicine & Health November 1st, 2004

Doc-Owned Specialty Hospitals Have Clinical Pros and Cons

Medicine & Health October 4th, 2004

Payment, the Uninsured Loom Large in Specialty Hospital Debate

Medicine & Health September 27th, 2004

Specialty Hospital Fight to Return With Vengeance in 2005

Medicine & Health September 20th, 2004

Medicine & Health

Health Care Information Center June 28th, 2004

Employers Seek Many-Fold Path to Medicare Drug Subsidies

Medicine & Health June 14th, 2004

Health Literacy: How Many Patients Are Left Behind?

Medicine & Health April 19th, 2004

GOP: Consumerism Must Work or Single Payer's On the Way

Medicine & Health March 15th, 2004

Thomas Takes Aim Again at Tax-Favored Employer Coverage

Medicine & Health February 16th, 2004

Disease Management Evolves, As Its Medicare Fate Hangs in Balance

Medicine & Health November 17th, 2003

How Far Is It From E-Record Vision to Reality?

Medicine & Health November 10th, 2003

Views Differ on Employer Response to Rx Bill

Medicine & Health October 27th, 2003

Hospital Finances Still a Guessing Game for Analysts

Medicine & Health October 6th, 2003

Insurers Gear Up to Fight National Health Insurance

Medicine & Health September 15th, 2003 Survey respondents gave "national health insurance" 57 fat points on McInturff's polling "thermometer" -- which measures the extent to which a word gives listeners warm, fuzzy feelings. "Government-run health care" registered a chilly 41.

Supply, Prices -- Not Quality -- Push Spending Skyward

Medicine & Health June 23rd, 2003

Integrated Care Moves to Center of Medicare Debate

Medicine & Health April 7th, 2003

Medicine & Health

Health Care Information Center November 11th, 2002

Beyond Sticks and Carrots: Why Error Bills Can't Do It All

Medicine & Health October 11th, 2002

Work Environment a Top Issue in Nurse Retention

Medicine & Health August 13th, 2001

Rural Care Not on Life Support, But PPS Changes Needed

Medicine & Health June 18th, 2001

It's Lonely in the Middle of the Road: Big Story Is Compromises Not Agreed To

Medicine & Health January 1st, 2001

Big-Picture Thinking Needed: Financing Medicare for the Long Haul

Medicine & Health October 30th, 2000

Will Genome Science Shift Clinical, Insurance Paradigms?

Medicine & Health September 26th, 2000

Caring for the Underserved: It's a Tough Job and Nobody Has to Do It

Medicine & Health August 7th, 2000

Pain Act: For Foes and Supporters a Matter of, FIrst, Do No Harm

Medicine & Health May 8th, 2000

Big Gaps Outweigh Small Gains in Struggle for Better Indian Health

Medicine & Health September 7th, 1998

Networking, BPW Style

National Business Woman September 15th, 1996

Getting Mentored: A Do-it-yourself Guide

National Business Woman July 15th, 1996

(Woman)Power Politics

National Business Woman April 15th, 1996

Step One -- Make It Fun?

National Business Woman April 15th, 1996

Your Two Different Pairs of Eyes

Cricket January 1st, 1996

Foreword To Pamela Gilberd's The Eleven Commandments of Wildly Successful Women

Macmillan Spectrum January 1st, 1996

The Art of Visibility

National Business Woman December 15th, 1995

Seeking Fair Pay

National Business Woman September 15th, 1995

Equality Then and Now short features

National Business Woman September 15th, 1995


Science Weekly February 1st, 1995

Teaching Notes : Crystals

Science Weekly February 1st, 1995

Biomedical Opportunities Seen As Rare Bright Spot on Chemistry Job Horizon

The Scientist August 23rd, 1993 "A large number of positions available are not advertised to job seekers."

Broadening Applicability Fosters Growth in Microbiology's Current Job Market

The Scientist May 17th, 1993 "Microbes evolve fast enough so new problems will always be there."

As Challenges Mount for Academic Research, More Scientists Take Administrative Positions

The Scientist November 9th, 1992 "Scientific research is a much more difficult managerial problem than it was eight to nine years ago. You can't just have the janitor over to fix things anymore."

Sports Scientists See Their Work Yielding Gains in Public Health

The Scientist May 11th, 1992 "There are 3 million coaches [in the United States] and an annual turnover rate of 40 percent among volunteer coaches. These people can do a lot of good or a lot of harm depending on what they know or don't know."

Environmental Science Job Prospects Healthier Than in Other Disciplines

The Scientist April 19th, 1992 "We're on our hands and knees getting our fingernails dirty. We have insect questions, not general forest questions like, 'What are the fractal dimensions of forest fragments?'"

Maturing Biotech Firms Face New Challenges

The Scientist April 13th, 1992 "Hiring 50 people in a short period is one thing. Two or three hundred is another."

Mathematicians: Real-World Applications Are Key to Increasing the Field's Appeal

The Scientist March 16th, 1992 "We need to ask ourselves, 'If we're so valuable, why are we hired in such small numbers?"

Academic Book Publishers Pursue Survival in Recessionary Times

The Scientist January 6th, 1992 "If the point is getting regular funding, we might be better off having ties with the Mafia."

Stranger From the Blue Planet

United States Catholic Conference October 12th, 1991

Clinical Researchers Adapting to Mandate for More Diversity in Study Populations

The Scientist September 16th, 1991 "She said, 'Don't just hire white people from the suburbs to work for you.'"

The Sticky Business of Noncaloric Sugars

The Scientist August 19th, 1991 NASA "said the experiment was going fine. But when it went to Mars they couldn't have a sanitary engineer with just a master's degree talking about it. They wanted me to accept another scientist as principal investigator. But I said, 'The hell I will.'"

Brookhaven's Schwartz: "An Artist of Physics"

The Scientist July 8th, 1991 "There was a light socket, and I thought I'd try putting the current through the scissors."

Do You See What I See?

The Friend July 1st, 1991 "Your eyes are quicker than human eyes, which would see her many movements as a blur. Your bee eyes would see a movie as a series of still pictures."

The Planet Water

National Catholic Educational Association July 1st, 1991

Physicists Play a Hands-On Role in Super Facilities Construction

The Scientist May 27th, 1991 "You have to be the manager, you have to be an accountant, you have to sweep the floor."

Minority Scientists Broaden Efforts to Fight Environmental Woes of Poor

The Scientist April 29th, 1991

Success of National Labs' Teacher Training in Question

The Scientist February 18th, 1991 "What would you say to one of your teachers if you walked into a classroom that sounded like this?"

How to Hide an Elephant

Children's Story Scripts January 1st, 1991

Toughest Federal Science Jobs Elude Women

The Scientist October 15th, 1990 "The system's not ready for a black female manager."

Looking at Pakistan

Holy Childhood Association September 1st, 1990

Classroom Activities

Holy Childhood Association September 1st, 1990

The Boy and the Beggars

Holy Childhood Association September 1st, 1990