Longform VSL -- men's nutrition and fitness

Fit Father Project , January 15th, 2019

"Some things stay with you forever…. Like memories from when you were a little kid…. I’m AXXXXXXX… And what I remember is the time before everything changed… I’d sit on the floor of our basement to watch my dad work out, lifting weights …. I’d watch him curl those wrought-iron dumbbells….watch his muscles ripple…And I thought – When I grow up, I’m gonna be strong like him.
Dad was my superhero. A few years later, though, Dad got a promotion at work….And, man, he started working long hours… Between his job, and taking care of our home and family…He never found time to work out any more. His workouts…sitting down with us for dinner….the things that he loved….got crowded out…. Now, Dad was still my hero… But those days when I watched him build his superpowers, curl by curl… Those days were gone…"

Sample longform vsl    men's nutrition and fitness    script and slides   m. clemmitt Sample_longform_VSL_--_men's_nutrition_and_fitness_--_script_and_slides___M._Clemmitt.pdf