Marcia Clemmitt

Do you need a writer with a passion for translating complex subjects into engaging, down-to-earth prose? I've written about health care, medicine, science, education, politics, Internet issues and business for audiences ranging from first graders to science PhDs. As a writer and editor I've met hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly deadlines. As a high school teacher turned writer, I embrace this motto -- If I'm Bored, Readers Will Be Too.

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Work History

Freelance writer and editor
1989 — present

Staff Writer, Contributing Writer , CQ Researcher
2005 — 2018

Contributing Writer , SAGE Business Researcher
2014 — 2016

Capitol Hill Correspondent, Perspectives Editor, Editor in Chief , Medicine & Health
1997 — 2005

Editor in Chief , National Business Woman, BPW/USA
1995 — 1996

Assistant Editor, Contributing Editor, The Scientist
1989 — 1994


M.A. in English
Georgetown University

B.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences
St. John's College, Annapolis, MD