Advertorial: For Girls, History Is Now (Encouraging women execs and biz owners to participate in Take Our Daughters to Work Day)

BPW/USA, March 1st, 1996

If you're running your organization's program, plan to meet a specific goal. Is it a program in which employees' kids will learn more about their parents' working lives? An educational tour for a nearby school group? The beginning of a longterm internship-type relationship for a few girls?

If you're hosting one young woman, help her start the day with a plan. For example, suggest she ask five people at your company to define "bottom line" for her. Or ask her to keep a list throughout the day of which jobs she can imagine herself doing and why.

If you and your daughter participate in the day annually, make sure she and other young women see a variety of job possibilites by swapping daughters with friends this year.

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